American University- Washington, DC- BFA- 1971
Corcoran Gallery working under Walter Hopps- 1972

Solo Shows

Depot 6 , West Stockbridge, Ma.-2015
Culture Project- New York, NY- 2003
Spencertown Academy- Spencertown, NY- 2001
Fox Martin Fine Art- Housatonic, Ma- 2000
Dobbs Ferry Fine Art- Dobbs Ferry, NY- 1994, 1997
Welles Gallery- Lenox, Ma- 1994
Lightside Gallery- Santa Fe, NM- 1993
Barros Gallery- Providence, RI- 1991
Berkshire Artisan Gallery- Pittsfield, Ma- 1988
Francesca Anderson Gallery- Boston, Ma-1986
Chillingsworth Gallery- Brewster, Ma- 1984
Lillian Heidenberg Gallery- New York, NY- 1979, 1981, 1983
Honey Sharp Gallery- Lenox, Ma- 1982
Jacqueline Anhalt Gallery- Los Angeles, Ca- 1981
Gallerie Rutzmoser- Munich, Germany- 1975, 1978
Shade Gallery- Lenox, Ma- 1976, 1978
Razor Gallery- New York, NY- 1976, 1978
David Bickhoff Gallery- Cleveland, Oh- 1974
Spectrum Gallery- New York, NY-1973

Group Shows

Provincetown Museum, Provincetown, Ma- 2016
Diana Felber Gallery, West Stockbridge, Ma- 2015
Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, Fl.- 2011, 2013
Left Bank Gallery- Wellfleet, Ma- 2008, 2009, 2010
Shade Gallery- Lenox, Ma- 1977, 1980, 2008, 2009, 2012
Haddad/ Lascano Gallery- Gt. Barrington, Ma- 2004
Spencertown Academy- Spencertown, NY- 2004
Berta Walker Gallery- Provincetown, Ma- 1997, 2003
Provincetown Museum- Provincetown, Ma- 2000, 2003
River Contemporary Art- Housatonic, Ma- 1994
Jessica Berwind Gallery- Philadelphia, Pa- 1993
Lightside Gallery- Santa Fe, NM- 1991
Spazi Fine Art- Housatonic, Ma- 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997
Banaker Gallery- Walnut Creek, Ca- 1990
Katy Gingrass Gallery- Milwaukee, Wi- 1990
Central Place Gallery- Bangor, Me- 1988
Cadme Gallery- Philadelphia, Pa.-1987
Joy Horwitch Gallery- Chicago, Il- 1986
Jessica Berwyn gallery- Philadelphia, Pa.-1985
Hudson Center Razor Show- New York, N.Y.-1985
Hudson Center Gallery- New York, NY- 1985
Gallerie Edith Gotshalk- Frankfurt, Germany- 1984
Honey Sharp Gallery- Lenox, Ma-1981
Joseph Chowning Gallery- San Francisco, Ca-1981
Security Pacific Bank- Los Angeles, Ca- 1981
Baum/ Silverman Gallery- Los Angeles, Ca- 1981
Gallerie Forum- Stockholm, Sweden- 1980
New Mexico State University- Las Cruces, NM- 1979
Orlando Gallery- Los Angeles, Ca- 1979
Lillian Heidenberg Gallery- New York, NY- 1977, 1978
Whitney Counterweight- New York, NY- 1977
Gallerie Jurka- Amsterdam, Holland- 1977
Fairleigh Dickinson University- Union, NJ- 1977
Grosse Kunstzausstelung- Munich, Germany- 1976
Gallerie Aurora- Geneva, Switzerland- 1975
Razor Gallery- New York, NY- 1974, 1976
Image Gallery- Stockbridge, Ma-1974
ACA Gallery- New York, NY- 1973
Spectrum Gallery- New York, NY- 1972
Art Garden – Washington, DC- 1972
American University- Watkins Gallery-Washington, DC- 1971

Permanent Collections

University of Alabama- Birmingham, Al.
Stratford College- Danville, Va
JMW Consultants, Stamford, Ct..
Norman & Barbara Hirschl
Liz Thompson
Gil & Diane Kalish
Stone Phillips
Marge Champion
Steve & Shari Ashman
Barney Frank
Dawn Upshaw
Kermit Moyer/Amy Gussack

Selected Reviews

Arts Magazine- January, 1974, June, 1976, December, 1977
Art News- September, 1980

Theatrical Set Designs

The Hound Of the Baskervilles-Shakespeare @ Co.- Lenox, Ma.-2009, 2011
The Coyote Cycle- Coyote Prod.- Martha’s Vineyard, Ma- 2000
Romeo & Juliet- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 2000
Much Ado About Nothing- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 2000
Vinegar Tom- Bard College @ Simon’s Rock- Gt. Barrington, Ma- 1999
Love’s Labors Lost- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1999
Summer- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1999
Killer’s Head- Barrington Stage- Sheffield, Ma- 1998
The Dumbwaiter- Barrington Stage- Sheffield, Ma- 1998
The Merchant of Venice- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1998
Two Gentlemen From Verona- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1997
Ethan Fromme- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1996
A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1995
Laughing Wild- Shakespeare & Co.- Lenox, Ma- 1994
Carousel- Berkshire Lyric Theater- Pittsfield, Ma- 1987
Angel City- Berkshire Public Theater- Pittsfield, Ma- 1987
Savage Love- Berkshire Public Theater- Pittsfield, Ma- 1986
Tongues- Berkshire Public Theater- Pittsfield, Ma- 1986
Just Passing Through- ABD Dance Co.- Gt. Barrington, Ma- 1986
The Man Who Killed the Buddha-Odyssey Theater-L. A., Ca-1981